#100DaysOfCoding – Day 04 – Challenge 03

In this challenge, our job is to write a program that allows us to mark a square on the map using a two-digit system. The first digit is the vertical column number and the second digit is the horizontal row number.

Here is an example with user input = 23

I am sure that different Python programmers have different ways of solving this challenge. For me, after 20 minutes of thinking about how to solve the challenge, I came up with this first solution using the “if function”.

My first solution

If I have a huge number of lists, I believe using the “if function” is not the best solution, so I have to think of a way to replace the corresponding column and row according to the user input. The next thing I can think of is how to replace the item inside the list. How I will do that?

Now that we’ve split the integer into column and row, we can assign a new variable called “new_row” which is equal to map[row -1]

new_row = map[row -1]

Then within this new_row, there are 3 columns, so if the user typed 23, our column is equal to 2, so for this reason, we can now assign the “X” mark to this new row and at column-1

new_row[column – 1] = “X”

Still confused? Why just watch what will happen when I hit the Run button?


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