#100DaysOfCoding – Day 03 – Challenge 03, 04 and 05

So much to learn on day 03 of the #100DaysOfCoding and I’m not yet done.

Day 3 is about Control Flow and Logical Operators. I’ve been busy at work, so, I’ll continue this tomorrow.

Then I challenged myself to upgrade the BIM Calculator Python code I did on the lesson by adding more options for the user to input the height either in Metric or in the English unit of measure.

See it in action here:

#100DaysOfCoding – Day 02 – Challenge 01, 02 and 03

3 days ago from the time I posted this article, I’ve completed the day 02 lesson/challenge of the #100DaysOfCoding and I’m looking forward to Day 3 tasks.

#100DaysOfCoding – Day 01 – Introduction

Words are meaningless if you don’t put some action.

This new year, I pledge to myself to learn Python and take the 100 days of Python course. 4 days ago, I’ve completed the first day of my 100 days of learning Python where I learned about printing, commenting, debugging, string manipulation and variables.

I’m looking forward to my Day 2 of 100 days of coding challenge. #100daysofcoding

You can follow my progress on my Twitter account at @allscantwelve

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