Calling Power BI Champion, I need your expert advise, please.

Hi there! I hope all is well with you.

If you happen to be one of the Power BI champions out there, I would appreciate it much if you could give me some support in getting the result I am aiming.

Basically, I have this spreadsheet showing the resources weekly of each employee, similar to the one shown in Figure 01.

Figure 01: Resource spreadsheet in Excel

Next, I decided to create a Power BI dashboard using the data in the “Resource spreadsheet” Excel document.

Then I came up with this one:

Figure 02: Resource spreadsheet Power BI Dashboard

Assuming today is Week 48, Tuesday (Day 2), I’ve added a “Card” visualisation to show “Project01” for employee Name01 (assuming I have selected “Name01” on my “Slicer” filter for the “Employee Name”).

Then what I would like to happen the next time I open my Power BI, say on Monday next week (Week 49), the “Card” opposite each “Week Day Name” will update automatically and give me the values of Week 49 as shown below (assuming I have selected “Name01” on my “Slicer” filter for the “Employee Name”).

Figure 03: Employee Name01 Week 49 Work Load

And my Power BI dashboard should look like in Figure 04.

Figure 04: Employee Name01 Week 49 Work Load Power BI dashboard

Similarly, for Employee Name02, the Power BI dashboard should look like in Figure 05.

Figure 05: Employee Name02 Week 49 Work Load Power BI dashboard

The help I would like to ask is whether you could please help me in writing the DAX formula or method which will return a value based on the current day of the week and the corresponding week number.

Once again, I really appreciate it much if you could help me in solving this little puzzle of mine.

I’m looking forward to the support.


Annual Requiem Mass for departed members and benefactors

If you do not have anything to do this coming Saturday, 2nd of November 2019 ( which is All Souls Day), please join us as we offer a mass for the departed members and benefactors.

Rt Rev. Michael Campbell OSA, Bishop Emeritus of Lancaster, will be the celebrant and preacher. It will be a Pontifical High Mass at the High Altar and Absolutions at the catafalque will follow.

When: Saturday, 2nd November 2019

Time: 14:30 (02:30 PM)

Location: Westminster Cathedral
Ambrosden Avenue
London, LON SW1P 1LT
United Kingdom

Drawing Issue Sheet / Drawing Transmittal from Revit

My engineers in one of the projects I am involved with are happy with me producing the drawing issue sheet from Revit. Having it done this way will eradicate the potential error of manual typing and this will make sure that you are issuing your drawings with the correct drawing revision number/code plus you can track the previous revisions easily.

Here is the link for the video demonstration I created sometime in March last year: 

Drawing Issue Sheet/Drawing Transmittal from Revit

Have a nice day!


Allan Cantos EngTech MICE
BSc. Civil Engineering
Principal Structural Technician