How to Share Power BI Reports with Secure Code

Hello there, it’s Allan from Allscan12.

It’s been a while since I wrote my last post. I was just too busy these days. Anyway, I wanted to write a tutorial on how you can publish your Power BI reports with the secure code. However, instead of doing my own screen capture and explanation with the process, I will refer you to another website which explains well in detail how it could be done.

This is only available in Power BI Pro version.

Please visit Reza Rad blog post HERE.

Happy reading and learning.


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Any issues, errors or corrections, please give me a shout and I’ll sort it out quickly.

I trust you’ll find the tutorial helpful.

Enjoy learning!

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BILT 2018 Statistics For Your Reference

Hello there! I trust you are well.

I did a quick Power BI visualization of BILT 2018 events statistics where I took part.

At the end of this article, you’ll find a link where you can view the results live in Power BI.

Please see images below for the results.

Here is the link for the list of BILT ASIA 2018 speakers who made it to the top 10: BILT ASIA – Winners and Grinners

Photos: BILT ASIA 2018

Here is the link for the list of BILT ANZ 2018 speakers who made it to the top 10: Winners and Grinners – BILT ANZ

Photos: BILT ANZ 2018

Here is the link for the list of BILT EUR 2018 speakers who made it to the top 10: Top 10 from BILT Europe 2018.

Photos: BILT Europe 2018

Congratulations once again to those speakers who made it to top 10.

Once again, you can view the statistics result in Power BI by submitting your few details below:

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Allan Cantos EngTech MICE

BSc Civil Engineer / Principal Structural Technician