Drawing Issue Sheet / Drawing Transmittal from Revit

My engineers in one of the projects I am involved with are happy with me producing the drawing issue sheet from Revit. Having it done this way will eradicate the potential error of manual typing and this will make sure that you are issuing your drawings with the correct drawing revision number/code plus you can track the previous revisions easily.

Here is the link for the video demonstration I created sometime in March last year: 

Drawing Issue Sheet/Drawing Transmittal from Revit

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Revit Dynamo PowerBI Workflow Video Recording – Part 2

Hello there. It’s me again, Allan Cantos. I trust you are well.

You have seen in my previous post the video recording that I did when I was preparing for my presentation for the 2018 BiLT Conference. I hope you don’t mind the accent (hahaha) but rather look at what you can get from that video recording.

If you missed watching that first part, I highly recommend that you go back to that video first before continuing watching this part 2 to get a better understanding of what happened in the first part.

Here is the link for the first part:

Revit Dynamo PowerBI Workflow Video Recording – Part 1

And here is the Part 2 recording:

As a correction, the video recording mentioned about using the latest Dynamo version installed in your machine if you have 2 or 3 versions installed. Actually, I have not tested this in Dynamo 2.x versions yet so it may or may not work. I suggest using Dynamo 1.x versions.

If you need a hard copy of this tutorial, you can download it from the links provided below. I hope you’ll support me in funding the expenses of running this website. It’s my personal online library and it will be yours too.

Using PayPal:

Revit-Dynamo-Power BI Guide ebook (PayPal)

Using Credit/Debit Card:

Revit-Dynamo-Power BI Guide ebook (Credit/Debit Card)

I hope you find this video tutorial helpful. Please leave your comment below if you have any questions.

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“Leave a comment” or “Post comment” area is NOT showing up on Posts/Pages

Apologies to all of my blog readers if the “Leave a comment” or “Post comment” area happen to be missing/disappear in most of my posts, especially to those who are 28 days older. It’s my bad. I did not pay attention to my default settings. There is one setting that I need to untick in order for the comment area not to disappear in any of my older posts or pages.

For the benefits of other bloggers out there, here is how you can solve these issues if you happen to be using WordPress.org and wondering why the “Leave a comment” button is missing.

When you click or open any of my posts, you should be able to “Post comment” at the end of the post. Because of my default settings, the comments section disappeared after 28 days.

All you have to do, under your Settings/Discussion, is to UNTICK the box highlighted in the image above and that will solve your problem of “Post comment” area disappearing.

Don’t forget to tick the boxes as shown in the image below to activate the comments section.

I hope you find this helpful.

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