Examples of Power BI use

Hello, hello! Allan here. I hope you have already settled in working from home, a new work setting. Same with the children who are in homeschooling. I hope they are well too.

Anyway, you may have already seen these but just in case you don’t, below is two examples of a dashboard for coronavirus/COVID2019 spread if you want to see an example of Power BI use.


Be safe, be healthy and believe in the divine intervention. Keep praying that this pandemic will end sooner than we expected.

God bless.

Cheers everyone.

Parametric Rectangular Revit Manhole Family

Hi there. I hope you are well.

As one of my website reader, you can have this parametric rectangular Revit manhole family for free which can be downloaded by providing me with the information below.

Any comments or suggestions for the family improvements, please let me know by any means. Thank you and have a great day.