Free Drawing Issue Sheet Template in Revit 2018

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As one of my website reader, you can have this Drawing Issue Sheet Template in Revit 2018 for free which can be downloaded by providing me with the information below.

    You can go back to the video presentation (link provided below) to familiarise yourself how the drawing issue sheet works.

    Video link for Drawing Issue Sheet / Drawing transmittal from Revit

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    LinkedIn Learning Introduction to BIM 360: Next Gen

    I just finished the course on LinkedIn Learning “Introduction to BIM 360: Next Gen”! #autodeskbim360 #documentmanagement #filesharing

    Learning Objectives:

    • Comparing BIM 360 classic and Next Gen
    • Managing users, roles, and companies
    • Document management
    • Design collaboration
    • Coordination and clash detection
    • RFI workflow
    • Working with submittals and checklists

    Just click the link above if you want to get some introduction about BIM360. I have made this course free for you.

    Happy learning.


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