#100DaysOfCoding – Own project inspired by Heart London radio game where you could be winning £22,000.00

What’s up? How are you feeling today? I trust you are well.

After completing Day 4 of the 100 days of Code course, it’s time to put what I’ve learned into practice. So, in this video, I’m going to be writing a short Python code to determine how much amount of money you could be winning.

Here is a little story that inspired me to write this code. I’m sure you are very much familiar with this radio station if you live in England. Every morning, we listen to Heart London radio station while on our way for school drop-off and for January, this new year, the radio station will guarantee that one person will win £22,000 before 4 pm every single weekday.

The mechanics of the contest or game or whatever you want to call it is simple. When you hear “You are listening for the ‘January Jackpot song’”, between 8 am and 4 pm weekdays on Heart, you need to text the word WIN and the name of the artist to 82122.

Then, Heart London radio station will randomly select someone to come on air and if that is you, they will tell you exactly how much money you’ve won. It COULD be an incredible £22,000!

If you are lucky to be the one who could take home the massive £22,000, tax-free, it would definitely change your mood. You could use the prize money for house improvement, or it could be a down payment for your dream house or buy a new car, etc.

Want to see the final Python code in action? Here is the link:

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