Learn Python Programming (2018) on Udemy – Completed

Hello everyone. As a continuation of my previous post HERE, I would like to announce that I have completed my course.

Allow me to list down with you what I have learned in this free Python Programming course on Udemy just in case you are interested in knowing some of them; or all of them.

  1. What is the correct way to add a comment in Python?
  2. What is the correct way to set variable, say, ‘s’ equal to the string, say, “Hello World!”?
  3. What type of variable is a True or False?
  4. What type of variable is, say, 100.45?
  5. Arithmetic and Concatenation
  6. Data Structures
  7. Control Flow
  8. String and List Methods
  9. Typecasting and Escape Sequences
  10. Getting User Input
  11. Functions
  12. Importing Modules
  13. And finally, how to make a GitHub Repository

In order for me to remember all of this, I need to keep reviewing my notes from time to time or find a way to apply this in my current field of work.

For those who want to learn Python Programming, I highly recommend this course for you. The course itself is just an hour long but since I made some notes and did some readings, it took me 4 hours to complete the course (2 hours for each separate dates).

Once again, here is the link for the course: Learn Python Programming Course

Have a great day.


Allan Cantos EngTech MICE

BSc Civil Engineering / Principal Structural Technician

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