BILT Asia 2018 Speaker Feedback

Hello everyone,

Happy sunny and warm Friday, if you are living in the UK.

Allow me to share with you some feedback I received from attendees of my session at BILT Asia 2018 held in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on the 7th of April 2018.

Session number: 3.1

Topic: Structural Data Mining using Revit-Dynamo-PowerBI Workflow

How would you rate this speaker (*Average Speaker Score): 2.69

How do you rate the quality of the speaker materials (*Average Class Material Score): 2.50

Number of responses: 16

A selection of comments:

  • Well presented and structured presentation.
  • Suggest you have some or all of the schedules prepared for when you present in Australia. You can touch on the important things such as the blank line causes null.
  • Great explanations. Very clear.
  • Could have helped to just breeze through the scheduling part and focus more on Dynamo and Power BI as most of us would have been familiar. But great effort. Super detailed.
  • Obviously knowledgeable. A little slow moving, but good teaching.
  • Great topic. I wanted more Power BI, less Dynamo.
  • The handout is useful and easy to understand.

    *Attendees rated speakers as follows:
    3 = Excellent, 2 = Good, 1 = Average, 0 = Poor

If you happened to be one of the attendees in my session, your feedback will be highly appreciated and thank you for your support. I hope you learned something new which you can apply in your own discipline.

Have a wonderful day.


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