Parametric Embedment Plate with Parametric Studs

Hello there! Here is a quick video clip of the parametric embedment plate that I have created for the current project I am working on.

And here is the detail. No 2D detail lines being added and drawn manually to create this section. Everything comes from 3D elements with the exemption of the break lines and text annotations.

Here is the one that connects to the beam.

Similarly, even the reinforcements from the section were not drawn using 2D detail lines.

I’m a bit busy at the moment, so if I find a time, I’ll create a tutorial on how I made this parametric embedment plate with parametric studs.

Have a good day!


Allan Cantos

Update as of 15th December 2020:

I lost the copy of this Revit family, however, I’ve got a copy of the similar one which you can download by providing me with the info below so I know who is downloading my files.

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